Fred & Juul

about the designs

Fred&Juul’s designs are ispired by old customs and techniques and characterized by the use of solid materials like iron, brass and reclaimed oakwood. All pieces are entirely handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Tuscany.

about the designers

Fred&Juul stands for the collaboration between Italian architect Federico Minarelli and Dutch architect Julie Janssen, who both studied at the University of Florence where they obtained their master’s degree in Architecture. Their broad interest for everything design-related has brought them to graduate with a thesis in industrial design while already working in the field of architectural renovation and, in Julie’s case, also active in film and television production design. Since 2009 their main focus has been on their full service architecture studio in Florence, specialized in interior design. It was from the successful experience of working with local artisans when custom designing furniture for their clients, that the idea for their own furniture line was born, in which to express their very personal style and love of fine craftsmanship.


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